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Clinical Services & Supervision

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy:

Modern life is one challenging as well as an adventurous journey. At times some of these challenges can be overwhelming, taking the thrill of the journey. In the past, an elderly uncle / aunt or even a grandpa or a grandma was readily available. The nuclear family has not helped this to survive coupled with the cultural change happening so rapidly. The answer is the therapist. Our trained counselling psychologists will help you to cope with the modern day stressors so you can have a more fulfilling life. Managing emotions, dealing with relationship issues, past hurts and abuse (verbal / physical / sexual), breaking away from dysfunctional patterns, overcoming grief, rebuilding self-esteem/confidence, self-growth are some of the benefits of psychotherapy.

Family and Marital Therapy:

The stress on the family to stay together and keep its members safe is an even bigger challenge. At times, it is not issues related to any individual but more so with different styles of communication or even the lack of adequate communication, conflict management styles, inability to cope with the different stressors. Whatever the challenge, our marriage and family therapists help couples and families to face these challenges boldly, cope better and to eventually overcome them, resulting in a more harmonious living for the family.

Group Therapy:

One of the best things in life that is also therapeutic is to know that you are not alone, no matter where you are or what you are going through. Group therapy is one such place to know you are not alone and also to hold hands and help another while helping yourself. It is also helpful for members who feel staying with others helps them better and feel the need for a support system. ORAH Rehabilitation Assessment Counselling and Psychological Services helps provide group therapy on a need basis to help groups to fulfil its purpose and help members to achieve greater potential and growth.


Self-awareness is a great way of achieving growth and success. Assessments help in starting as well as speeding up this process. From knowing more about your personality, intelligence, aptitude, attitudes, strengths, areas of improvements to just understanding how you function and handle stress, assessments are very valuable. A trained psychologist is not only an valuable asset to help you but is also an essential component to received appropriate help. An important area of assessment is career guidance.

Home Visits:

The elderly population is now staying independently and without the support of their family members as many of their children have moved outside the city, state or even outside the country. With age one of the most difficult challenges is mobility. To overcome this, ORAH Rehabilitation Assessment Counselling and Psychological Services provides home-visits for consultation and therapy in consultations with your GP or other allied medical services.


Though a good number of psychologist / counsellors are being added to the field, only a few places proved a supervised practicum (250hours) to help them apply the knowledge to help clients/patients. A large number of them lack the skills or at times even confidence to fulfil their jobs. ORAH Rehabilitation Assessment Counselling and Psychological Services provides individual and group supervision to help make this transition into a full grown and effective professional. Even for those in the field for some time, on-going supervision is fast becoming more of a need than a luxury. ORACAPS provides this supervision so the end user is also protected.