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About Us

Orah Rehabilitation Assessment Counselling and Psychological Services primarily function in the core areas of counselling, training and related services. We believe that every individual is uniquely gifted and we come along for a short part of the journey as a catalyst to help you do better at what you are already doing.

Our name ‘Orah’ is derived from the Hebrew root word ‘Ora’ meaning light. When an individual is faced with challenges and difficulties in life, not sure what to do next, it seems like the end of the road for the moment – a dark moment – a way out is the light at the end of the tunnel – a ray of light, a ray of hope. The beauty of the word ‘Ora’ is its richness as also seen in various other languages with varied meanings, each rich in their own contexts. It has a rich meaning in the Maori Language. As a noun it denotes ‘life, health and vitality’ that all of us look forward to. As a verb it denotes ‘to survive’ which most of us strive for daily. ‘Ora’ best is described as a state rather than an activity, act or event, which represents ‘be alive, safe, healthy, fit and healed’. A state that all of us need to be in, or strive towards.

In the English language ‘Ora’ means a ‘beautiful seacoast’. It always reminds us of a holiday, leisure, fun, play and a moment that all of us look forward to. In Spanish it means ‘gold’- a valuable resource in modern world that none of us can afford to ignore any longer. It is reliable, handy and in need today in spite of its increasing value. And finally, in Latin it means ‘pray’.

It is our desire that our services will be a valuable resource to help give you the light / direction so you could reach a state of being well, recovered, fit and alive.